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About Us

With a passion for landscape, seascape and woodland photography, Chris Ashwin is particularly drawn to the calm and mystical character of these subjects. Chris’ images combine beauty with compositional and technical excellence.  All images on this site are available for use (either free or at a small charge) – just ask us for permission first!

The son of local business people, Chris Ashwin was born in 1982 and spent his childhood in rural Newark, Nottinghamshire. 

Graduating from the University of Newcastle with a BA Hons degree in music, Chris went to work for the family business that designs and installs bespoke kitchens.

Missing an outlet for his creativity, Chris sold all his music equipment and bought a basic digital SLR camera and some photo-editing software. His love and passion for photography has snowballed from there. In Chris’s own words:

“Originally I was really just testing the water and getting great satisfaction out of all aspects of the image making process – being outside and taking note of the landscape, editing/enhancing an image, and standing back and looking at the framed print. It satisfied me on many levels but ultimately my photographs are creative pieces that display my own interpretation of a scene and are truly unique. 

I also feel that I am satisfying a long-term appreciation for the natural world. I have enjoyed taking in a good view for as long as I can remember, so I suppose viewing a good photograph of a good view must be linked to that. 

Photography is something that I can do and present in a much more convenient way, music involved many hours in isolation and initial ideas took much more time and involvement to get to the end result. With photography I can create something in the time it takes to return from a location and spend an hour post-processing. I find that the speed of the creative process promotes further creative ideas and encourages experimentation both with the camera and with the computer – this only costs time in the digital age!”